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[ISO20000体系] 最新发布:ISO/IEC 20000-2:2019及ISO/IEC 20000-3:2019

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The APMG ISO/IEC 20000 exams  and vanilla materials have been updated following the recent publication of ISO/IEC  20000-2:2019 and ISO/IEC 20000-3:2019.+ ?* C, U0 D3 Z, v5 e" E0 z+ [$ c
随着ISO/IEC 20000- 2:2019和ISO/IEC 20000- 3:2019的发布,APMG ISO/IEC 20000考试和课件已经更新。
: O2 Q4 C+ k. e& I0 C
Most updates are focused on  updated terminology. For example, ‘governance of processes operated by other  parties’ becomes ‘control of other parties involved in the service  lifecycle’.) d! z9 c7 Y: r: n% x9 J

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The scoping diagrams used in  the Auditor and Practitioner levels have been updated in line with the  revised Part 3 diagrams.
Auditor 和 Practitioner级别中使用的范围图已经根据修订的第3部分图进行了更新。

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All English Foundation,  Practitioner and Auditor examinations from 3 February 2020 will be aligned to  the updated standard.
从2020年2月3日起,所有的英文版 Foundation,  Practitioner 和 Auditor考试都将与更新后的标准保持一致。
9 ]7 P5 _6 L/ y" G' W! @9 e5 n

( A, ]: f  E( q% ]) y# }3 f: N
Details of Chinese translations  for the updated Foundation and Auditor levels will be announced in due  course.
更新后的Foundation 和 Auditor级别的中文版信息将在适当的时候公布。(SBZX)
* F* n. y& Q. C: P) d2 g5 s' c/ u

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请问有:ISO/IEC 20000-2:2019修订版吗?找了很久,一直未见。求共享!
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