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1. 职位概况 Position Summary:

• Work with ICT director and other management team to drive and manage IT business process improvement projects, manage project expectations, plan and deliverables, create project related documents, coach and guide other IT engineers.

2. 岗位职责 Position Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

• Business analysis, solutions design, work with cross-functions to organize the workshop to do SWOT analysis and the VSM analysis for business process automation, consult to project team to provide solutions.
• Project management, plan, organize and manage cross-functional information technology projects. Manage the project deliverables. Drive and manage the process automation projects, drive and manage the implementation for key projects.
• Work and coordinate with stakeholders including project sponsor, key users, process owners, IT engineers and other management team. Support cross-region integration, develop and manage standardized processes,
• Coordinate with project sponsor, key users to define project scope and confirm user requirements for major business improvement initiatives
• Perform detailed project planning, manage project execution, monitor project resources and ensure project delivery on time and on budget
• Evaluate project risk, status review and provide regular status report to ensure all activities are on track
• Effective communications of project delivery expectations to stakeholders, collaboration of cross-functional teams to achieve committed service delivery
• Recommends information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organization outcomes; identifying problems; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements

3. 任职要求 Position Requirements:

• Great educational background, preferably in the fields of computer science or engineering for technical project managers
• About 8 years IT related working experience and minimum 4 years business process analysis experience with good track records
• Excellent IT background with understanding of business processes in manufacturing industry, experience working in the low-value and high-mixed manufacturing industry is a big plus

4.联系人:严经理 13750036123  中山世达模型制造有限公司



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